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HP Printer Setup, Install and Driver Download

  • HP Printer Setup – Safe, Secure and Reliable Services
  • Easy steps for printer driver download and install.
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup for auto-wireless connect.
  • Configure settings for usb printer setup, wireless setup wizard
  • Activate the printer features in a snap.

Choose Your Printer Model

HP Envy Printers

Gain detailed information about the HP Officejet Pro Printers, HP Printer Setup, and HP Printer Wireless Setup here. Along with this, you can download the latest printer driver and software.

HP Officejet Printers

Want to download the latest printer driver and software? If yes, then you’re at the right destination. Moreover, here you can acquire details about HP Printer Setup and HP Printer Wireless Setup!

HP Officejet Pro Printers

Gain detailed information about the HP Officejet Pro Printers, HP Printer Setup, and HP Printer Wireless Setup here. Along with this, you can download the latest printer driver and software.

HP Deskjet Printers

Here, you can grab every single info about HP Deskjet Printers, HP Printer wireless setup, and HP Printer setup. Additionally, you can download the latest printer driver and software easily.


Setting up and Installing HP Software Drivers from

Do more things with the HP Printer and add value to your printing tasks with Printer. Let’s see how to setup the printer for the first time.

  • Settle down your HP Printer somewhere sturdy near the wall outlet.
  • Just, clear those tapes and packing materials that cover the printer and throw them in the garbage.
  • The power source is mandatory for printer to work and get the power source using the included power cord.
  • Switch on the printer and check hp ink carriage area and install the ink cartridges in the corresponding slots available.
  • Load up the paper tray with correct paper size.

How To Download HP Printer Drivers

Get the HP Printer driver from the trusted driver download page with the assistance of printer model number. According to the printer model, find the HP printer software and install it on the device.

123 HP Driver Install For Windows

The below steps will surely help with the driver installation for Windows computer.

  • Look at the control panel and find the View devices and printers.
  • When you choose the Add a printer option, you can see the available printers.
  • After adding the printer, click Next and select the port.
  • You will find the option with TCP/IP address or hostname and press Next.
  • Scroll down the Device type list and click Autodetect. In the space, put your printer IP address and tap Next.
  • Again, click on Next to finish.

123 HP Driver Install For Mac

When you want to include a new HP printer to the printer queue, your Mac computer should have the necessary printer driver.

  • Go to the System Preferences option under the Apple icon.
  • You will get the list of options including Print & Fax, Print & Scan, and Printers & Scanners. Select any one of them depending on your need.
  • Your printer should have listed in the printer list.
  • Using the plus sign, add 123.hp/setup Printer or Scanner.
  • Then select Use or Print Using option to choose the printer them and snap Add.

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Print Documents Using Windows and Mac

You can connect your HP 123.hp’setup Printer to the Windows and Mac computer. So, you can print anything (documents, photos, emails, and webpage) from the devices.

Print Documents Using WINDOWS

  • Make some changes to the print job settings to get the quality results.
  • Click the file that you want to print from the device to the HP printer.
  • Before printing, review the settings such as Printer Properties, Properties or Preferences.
  • After checking the settings, click on OK and then tap Print.

Print Documents Using MAC

  • Make your document has edited well to get the best results.
  • Click the app from where you want to print and choose File and then tap Print.
  • On the dialogue box, choose the Show Details.
  • From the printer menu, locate your Printer.
  • Once the changes have made, click on Print.

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How to ePrint a document from anywhere?

Everyone wants to print their files fast and effectively. ePrint is one such facility for those users. It uses the internet connection to take printouts from anywhere on your printer. For that, you need to get a suitable ePrint app on your device.

Make sure you switch on the Web Services option.

  • Try to find the ePrint option on the control panel of the printer and click on it.
  • The window will pop with Yes option, click on it.
  • The instructions on the screen will help you enable the ePrint service.
  • Print the test-page and sign-up.

Find or locate your ePrint email address

  • Rule through the printer’s control panel and click the ePrint option.
  • Pick the Web Service Settings from the available printers.
  • You can see the Display Email Address option on the display.
  • Once you have clicked that option, you will get the HP Printer’s email address.

Email a document or photo to the designated email address to print the same

  • Generate an email with the document or photo attached which of supported type.
  • After generating the mail, send it to Printer’s email address.
  • Your ePrint-connected printer will start to print the document or photo attached.


What is AirPrint Setup?

AirPrint application will ease your printing tasks by utilizing the internet. The HP Printers have the capability connecting to the Apple devices that have Mac OS and OS X 10.7 and newer versions. Avail this advanced service by connecting those devices over the wired or wireless connection.

How to Setup the AirPrint facility?

Either using the Wireless or Wi-Fi direct connection, connect the HP Printer and the computer.

  • Make use of the Wireless Setup Wizard that you see on the control panel.
  • Add the AirPrint Printer to the Mac printer queue.

What to do when you face issues with your AirPrint?

While using AirPrint service, the printer and Apple device should have connected to the same hp wireless network. Check for this requirement.

  • Study the displayed error message on the screen.
  • Check the paper size and quantity once.

Is AirPrint different from HP Print?

Yes, AirPrint and HP Print are two different applications to print the documents or photos. HP Print is the built-in feature for the HP Printers to print whereas AirPrint is for Apple devices to print on Printers.

HP Cloud Print

Cloud Print is the Google-supported service for’setup printers to print from Cloud-connected devices. Get into the Google account from your Windows computer. After getting into the Google account, you can print the documents, photos and more.

How to Enabling Cloud Print?

  • Turn on 123 hp com setup printer and open the Google Chrome and search for the Sign In option.
  • Click the Menu option and click on the Settings option.
  • On the discourse box, click the Show Advanced option.
  • It will automatically detect the HP printer connected to the same local network.

Printing a document

  • Make use of the Google Cloud Print and start printing the files that are available on the computer, email or webpage.
  • Go to the chrome browser and register in the Google account.
  • Search for the Cloud Print option and click on Print.

Activating Cloud Print

  • As a first move, navigate to the Google Chrome and search for chrome: //devices and press enter.
  • Sign into your Google account and Cloud Print facility will find 123.hp printer from the available network.
  • The Google user need to confirm the registration.

Scanner Print

How to scan to a computer?

Activating the scan feature is the first step to start off the scanning process in 123 hp’setup Printers. The Scanning apps for printers are available in the app store or you can use the built-in software for scanning.

How to enable scan to computer feature (Windows)?

Learn more about your computer’s operating system to get the ultimate quality out of your printer. Have a quick look below.

Windows 8.1

  • Choose the computer that utilizes the Windows 8.1 Operating System and turn it on.
  • Go to the Start option that you see on the main screen.
  • Move to the Devices and Printers option and select your 123 hp support printer.
  • You are good to start the scan jobs.

Windows 8

Keep the printer in the active state that uses the Windows 8 Operating System.

  • Touch the Start option on the desktop screen and scroll down to choose your device from the list.
  • With the help of the Utilities option, enable the scan feature.

Windows 7

After switching on the printer, choose the Start option displayed.

  • Scroll down and look for the All Programs and tap
  • Your printer will have a folder and select that folder.
  • Now, choose the enable option.

Choose All Programs, select HP and then tap on the folder of your printer

Go to the Start menu on the main screen of the computer. Once you have clicked the start option, the screen will give a list of option with All Programs included. Click on it and choose the Scanning option.

Top Trending Models
123 HP Troubleshooting
HP Troubleshooting clear paper jams

Your printer will show the ‘Paper Jam’ message on the display if the paper jam has occurred on the printer. Prevent your printer from paper jams with these easy troubleshooting steps.

  • If you find the loose and scrap papers in the input tray, remove them carefully. Do not pull the paper roughly.
  • Reset the printer and check the paper path.
  • Check the rear of the printer to clear the jammed paper.
Network Installation error
  • The user can try restarting the computer, printer, and router to fix the connectivity error states.
  • Repair the system files using the Microsoft System File Checker (SFC).
  • As stated, remove the unsupported printer software and re-install the new software.
  • For Windows 7 and later Operating System, use Microsoft Fixit Solution to resolve the installation crisis.
  • Run the diagnostic tool such as HP Print and Scan Doctor and HP Smart app.